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Name  stampswap (Email Me) Last Updated: 4/20/2013
Country NetherlandsLeave Feedback
Offer over 8000 different stamps, Used Stamps World Wide. Send me your email address and I will send you scans with 1000 different used Dutch stamps.
Want Exchange 60:60 or 140:140 used stamps from your country 1990-2013
Remarks I try to get from each country and periods at least 5 stamps. With, if possible a person, on the stamp.

Name  Hubert (Email Me) Last Updated: 4/12/2013
Country NicaraguaLeave Feedback
Offer Will give MNH Nicaragua stamps 1X1 for similar value in large postally used. I have many stamps to trade.
Want Large postally used from many countries. Need recent U.S., Great Britain high values, Luxembourg, Venezuela, and many others.
Remarks Please visit my new web site to see scans of some of the stamps I have. Tell me what you want and I will scan what I have and post it.

Name  Bill Caville (Email Me) Last Updated: 4/7/2013
Country United StatesLeave Feedback | View Feedback (2)
Offer US NON Transportation precancel T/T TRADE 1 for 1 and will reimburse your postage. Or will purchase
Want US precancel transportation coils with city/town/local imprinted between precancel bars. Any location and some duplication okay. Will reimburse your postage.
Remarks This particular transportation precancel area is generally looked down upon by precancel traditionalists and often referred to as "fakes" "favors" "pseudo" "not real precancels" etc etc and almost no PSS dealers deal with them. I like them...Bill

Name  Nick mangioros (Email Me) Last Updated: 4/7/2013
Country CanadaLeave Feedback
Offer WW, Europe, Canada, USA, Australasia
Want Used worldwide, Europe, Australasia, USA
Remarks No scans or want lists
50 for 50 Or 100 for 100
1:1 Basis

Name  jan szwej (Email Me) Last Updated: 4/3/2013
Country PolandLeave Feedback
Remarks mint stamps in complete sets. using catalogues Michel and Scotts.

Name  JOAO SEMIAO (Email Me) Last Updated: 4/3/2013
Country PortugalLeave Feedback | View Feedback (1)
Offer WW Stamps in lots of 100
Want WW Stamps in lots of 100

Name  Zoran Pavicevic (Email Me) Last Updated: 4/2/2013
Country Serbia & MontenegroLeave Feedback
Offer Mint thematic stamps , FDC and Max. Card , new and older issues from SERBIA , YUGOSLAVIA and stamps from more other World country's .CTO TOPIC stamps from Arabic states and USSR I give at rates 1 : 5 !
Remarks I have on stock also CTO-used TOPIC issues from ARABIC states and GUINEA ECVATORIAL .Send me 50 mint thematic stamps and I will send you 200-250 stamps + M/S .Also I have nice thematic stamps from USSR , DDR and MONGOLIA .

Name  Francisco (Email Me) Last Updated: 3/31/2013
Country PortugalLeave Feedback | View Feedback (2)
Offer covers from Portugal, you can the se the scans on my blog
Want Stamps from USA, Malta, Mexic (after 1990), scouts covers

Name  Nagwa Abdelsadek (Email Me) Last Updated: 3/27/2013
Country EgyptLeave Feedback
Offer world wide stamps,india,cccp,europe modern & old,england modern,egypt modern,arabic countries modern,usa,asian countries
Want world wide stamps , latin america,pacific islands,old spainish,old german,old french ,baltic countries,scandnavian old stamps,armenia ,moldova,belrousse,estonia,georgia,chile,surinam,old canadian newfoundland,newbronswick,greenland,
Remarks pls no duplicates,no cuts or damage stamps,if you can send me a scan for the stamps and i will do the same,thanks alot

Name  Harry Wentworth (Email Me) Last Updated: 3/20/2013
Country United StatesLeave Feedback | View Feedback (1)
Offer WW in packedts of 100
Want China Or Japan

Name  Donne (Email Me) Last Updated: 3/12/2013
Country South AfricaLeave Feedback
Offer many diffrent stamps around the world,even nmaes that ive never heard from
Want none
Remarks wanting to sell my stamps , they are mostly used stamps and are all in a good condition

Name  mike sharpe (Email Me) Last Updated: 3/11/2013
Country United KingdomLeave Feedback
Offer great britain mint and mounted mint 1952 to 2000 some sets and split sets
Want great britain mint 2000 onward

Name  Petrescu Florin (Email Me) Last Updated: 3/8/2013
Country RomaniaLeave Feedback
Offer Offer mint or used topicals issues from Romania and East Europe.
Want Want recent mint topical issues (Europa, WWF, Fauna, Flora, Transport) from whole world countries.
Remarks Basis: Face value, catalogues "Michel".

Name  RAFAEL GUILLEN FRESNO (Email Me) Last Updated: 3/1/2013
Country SpainLeave Feedback
Offer SPAIN MINT OR USED,ALSO ANDORRA Spanish but only mint,offer
others countries oif Europa
Remarks use cat alog ivert ety tellier, michel and scott
Website http://ok

Name  Joaquim Arbona (Email Me) Last Updated: 2/22/2013
Country SpainLeave Feedback
Offer I can send you a packet of 100/200 Spanish/French stamps from 1950 to 1980 (large).
Want USA stamps 1970/2010 (large).
Remarks I can exchange through photos (WW)

Name  Lisa Czibor (Email Me) Last Updated: 2/17/2013
Country United StatesLeave Feedback | View Feedback (1)
Offer USA 1900-2013 & lots of Australia, Canada, UK, Nederlands, Hungary, Poland
Want Lithuania,Sweden and pre-1970 ww sorted by country

Name  Nikolay (Email Me) Last Updated: 2/15/2013
Country BelarusLeave Feedback
Offer Postage stamps of the world on various topics.
Used and mint. The list is sent by request.
Want Postage stamps of the world on the topics - the birds, geographical discoveries, travelers and explorers.
Used or mint. The list is sent by request.
Remarks Exchange on list.
Base exchange - catalog Michel or Scott.


Name  Andrea M. (Email Me) Last Updated: 2/13/2013
Country ItalyLeave Feedback | View Feedback (8)
Offer Italy (mainly used 1950-80, but also some recent and some mint), used Germany (mainly 1996-2004), used Denmark (mainly 1996-2003), used Czechoslowakia (1970-93), some Argentina, Slowakia, Croatia, Lietuva and few pieces from many countries.
Want used stamps from all Europe. Preferred Baltics, Scandinavia, Croatia, Jugoslavija, Slowakia, Czech R., Czechoslow. Particular interest in any military occupation stamps (ex.: Nazy/Sovietic) or provvisorial states (ex: Danzig, Sarre, AMG-FTT...)
Remarks 1:1 for common stamps; For some states I can accept some wantlist.

Name  Maurice Wang (Email Me) Last Updated: 2/12/2013
Country TaiwanLeave Feedback | View Feedback (2)
Offer Mint NH Republic of China-TAIWAN 1970s-2000s/mint third reich Used Taiwan sets, New Caledonia, Polynesia. Greenland,
Want Mint never hinged or very fine used Air mail & Aushilfs-ausgabe
Remarks Send your wantlist first by 2008 Michel or Scott

Name  Mohammad Masoud (Email Me) Last Updated: 2/12/2013
Country IranLeave Feedback
Offer IRAN mint & used commemorative and definitive stamps from 1993-2013 (in very good condition)
Want fine used or mint from ww with topical:
My favorite subjects are:
Aviation-Train-Reptiles-Cars-Cats & Dogs-Horse-Camel-Prehistoric Animals-Butterflies-Insects-Fish-Flowers-Ship
Remarks Hi dear collectors,

I have several hundred thousand of IRAN used commemorative and definitive stamps from 1993-2013 (in very good condition). I would like to trade them in this groups with 100 and more stamps at any time . All countries welcome !


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