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Name  james (Email Me) Last Updated: 6/9/2013
Country CanadaLeave Feedback
Offer I can offer USA, CANADA, and WORLD lots 100 up to 500 at a time..
Want wanted Great Britian queen / king penny stamps for plate reconstruction ..any plate stamps..1p, 2p, 2 1/2p, ect.
Remarks email me for more info ,and what you have to trade..

Name  C.Mark (Email Me) Last Updated: 5/31/2013
Country NetherlandsLeave Feedback | View Feedback (2)
Offer Worlwide stamps Swap 1:1 min. 100 stamps.
Want WW after 2003
Remarks I

Name  Koos Wildeboer (Email Me) Last Updated: 5/29/2013
Country NetherlandsLeave Feedback
Offer used stamps from
topics: sports, space, animals, cars, planes, boats
countries: ww
Want only used stamps from countries:Netherlands, France, Germany, Berlin, USA, Can, Aus, Scandinavia, Spain, Greece, GB, Channel Islands, Ireland; topics:fauna, flora, castles, cars,cartoons, boats, plane
Remarks offer 1 to 1 in amounts of 50/100/200
or bij wantlist

Name  ALDO (Email Me) Last Updated: 5/27/2013
Country ItalyLeave Feedback
Offer italy packed 50 large used
Want all countries packed 50 large used

Name  Murad Qadir (Email Me) Last Updated: 5/23/2013
Country PakistanLeave Feedback
Offer Stamps and Ms from Pakistan, Malta,Australia, Germany WW
Want stamps and Ms from Great Britain, Jersey, Isle of Man, Guerensey,Australia, Germany, Iran, Mauritius,
Remarks I can provide 100 - 500 stamps of Malta on /off paper in exchange of equal number of stamps.
E mail me

Name  Patrick STAUFFER (Email Me) Last Updated: 5/12/2013
Country FranceLeave Feedback
Offer France,especially Germany,UK,Spain,Italy and other European countries,Africa and worldwide.
Want I collect all European countries,Canada,USA,Australia,New Zealand,China and Japan.Used stamps,years after 2000.
Remarks Exchange basis 1=1,preferably by scans or by batch.I answer all emails.

Name  pouya (Email Me) Last Updated: 5/12/2013
Country IranLeave Feedback
Offer mint,used stamps
Want  tickets of : buses,trains,museums & other tickets(used or mint),matchbox,labels

Name  Elexandra (Email Me) Last Updated: 5/12/2013
Country GermanyLeave Feedback
Offer Used German, Austrian and swiss stamps and german miniture sheets
Want Stamps from Usa, South africa, all of South america, All of asia, Hungery and New Zealand
Remarks can trade on or aff paper!

Name  Rafa≥ Dobrowolski (Email Me) Last Updated: 5/10/2013
Country PolandLeave Feedback
Offer used stamps
Want used stamps

Name  Jose Gerardo (Koko)Garcia (Email Me) Last Updated: 5/8/2013
Country Costa RicaLeave Feedback | View Feedback (1)
Offer Used worldwide stamps.
Want Used worldwide Stamps, all thematics, no want list, Blind Exchanges, in lots of 50, 100 or 200 Used stamps each time by Registered Mail only, Basis 1 x 1.
Remarks Wellcome Worldwide Collectors, Spanish and English Languages

Name  David M. Perez (Email Me) Last Updated: 5/7/2013
Country SpainLeave Feedback
Offer WW used stamps. Mainly European countries.
Want WW used stamps, Painting, Postman or Mailbox Stamps.You can used stamps of your country too.
Remarks I prefer basis 1x1 (25, 50 or 100 stamps). Not wantlist, not Catalogue.

Co-Founder and Administrator of PHILATELIC fORUM "El DesvŠn Filatelico"

Name  Gokul (Email Me) Last Updated: 5/7/2013
Country IndiaLeave Feedback
Offer 100 used Commemorative stamps from worldwide.
Want 100 postally used Commemorative stamps from worldwide
Remarks 1:1 Exchange. No CTO's.No damaged stamps.

Name  Michael Kremastos (Email Me) Last Updated: 4/29/2013
Country GreeceLeave Feedback | View Feedback (1)
Offer Used stamps from Greece,Japan,Germany,Australia,Spain,and France
Want Only used stamps from Japan,Spain,Australia,France and Canada.
Remarks Only wantlists.Michel and Scott for all the countries,plus Edifil for Spain,Yvert for France and Sakura for Japan.

Name  Willy (Email Me) Last Updated: 4/26/2013
Country South AfricaLeave Feedback
Offer We shall sign any type of agreements that will faver the providers of bg's and the room for negotiation is open.
Want I am looking for the possibility to get Bank guarantees from another country, since I have awarded several projects and I am not in a position to get Bg's due to my financial status.
Remarks should you need my contact numbers are as follows: +27 733 009161
Website http://N/A

Name  stampswap (Email Me) Last Updated: 4/20/2013
Country NetherlandsLeave Feedback
Offer over 8000 different stamps, Used Stamps World Wide. Send me your email address and I will send you scans with 1000 different used Dutch stamps.
Want Exchange 60:60 or 140:140 used stamps from your country 1990-2013
Remarks I try to get from each country and periods at least 5 stamps. With, if possible a person, on the stamp.

Name  Hubert (Email Me) Last Updated: 4/12/2013
Country NicaraguaLeave Feedback
Offer Will give MNH Nicaragua stamps 1X1 for similar value in large postally used. I have many stamps to trade.
Want Large postally used from many countries. Need recent U.S., Great Britain high values, Luxembourg, Venezuela, and many others.
Remarks Please visit my new web site to see scans of some of the stamps I have. Tell me what you want and I will scan what I have and post it.

Name  Nick mangioros (Email Me) Last Updated: 4/7/2013
Country CanadaLeave Feedback
Offer WW, Europe, Canada, USA, Australasia
Want Used worldwide, Europe, Australasia, USA
Remarks No scans or want lists
50 for 50 Or 100 for 100
1:1 Basis

Name  Bill Caville (Email Me) Last Updated: 4/7/2013
Country United StatesLeave Feedback | View Feedback (1)
Offer US NON Transportation precancel T/T TRADE 1 for 1 and will reimburse your postage. Or will purchase
Want US precancel transportation coils with city/town/local imprinted between precancel bars. Any location and some duplication okay. Will reimburse your postage.
Remarks This particular transportation precancel area is generally looked down upon by precancel traditionalists and often referred to as "fakes" "favors" "pseudo" "not real precancels" etc etc and almost no PSS dealers deal with them. I like them...Bill

Name  jan szwej (Email Me) Last Updated: 4/3/2013
Country PolandLeave Feedback
Remarks mint stamps in complete sets. using catalogues Michel and Scotts.

Name  JOAO SEMIAO (Email Me) Last Updated: 4/3/2013
Country PortugalLeave Feedback | View Feedback (1)
Offer WW Stamps in lots of 100
Want WW Stamps in lots of 100

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